Artist Statement

In my art, I have consistently reflected on the cycles of repression and resistance and its relationship to the diaspora in which I have lived, throughout dictatorship, revolution, erasure, renewal, hope, dictatorship and repression. My prints center these types of life experiences occurring far beyond my country. I create to counteract the great silence around repression occurring globally believing we are all intimately connected to it. I seek to demystify the “foreign” experience, to bridge the distances that life across any border or wall produces, but also, the difference in the content of these experiences.

I create to bring awareness to the interconnectedness among them, focusing on injustices of social, political, economic and environmental injustice. At times I evoke with satirical images, at others, through the mundane, unseen things people carry: memories, attachments, relationships and traumas. In each I highlight the myriad cycles of oppression and struggle.