Since the 90’s, art has given me the freedom to travel over the ocean of my memories, permitting me to express my sentiments and through this, dig deeply into the vastness of human knowledge, knowledge wich has heled me to better understand the world that surrounds us.

For me art is a powerful form of communication, which I employ to make reflections and question the issues that we live in our contemporary society, the fears, the desires, the hopelessness, and the nonsense.

With my work, I seek to be a vector of change, collecting images that pertain to our collective memory and that, in certain form, make reference to painful events in the history of my country and the world.

I hope never to become inactive nor esthetically dead before the period in which we are living. I hope to react without fear in order to say what needs to be said in the moment in needs to be said. However, because of this, some, related to the infrastructures that make art a business, will try to curtail my freedom by censuring my work.

Over the last five years I have been working on different series of prints: “Master Prints” and “Años de Miedo” / Years of Fear.