American Food Print Portfolio

This print is about my addiction to McDonald’s when I was a teen living in Costa Rica, at that age it was something to do with my friends and also represented for us a status quo activity in an Americanized country. Every time I ate it, I got sick. But I just kept doing it.
In a world where we’re taught that we shouldn’t spend time worrying about what goes on around us, we are get distracted by the toys in a “happy meal”, and at the same time, we get caught up in –and perpetuate– the same materialist cycle…Eating and shitting…

Cutting the Linoleum for the American Food Print PortfolioCutting the Linoleum for The American Food Print Portfolio

Cutting the linoleum
Cutting the Linoleum (detail)

“Printing McShitter”

McShitter “McShitter” Linocut by Carlos Barberena. 2013

“McShitter” (self-portrait)
Linocut on Rives Paper by Carlos Barberena. 2013
American Food Print Portfolio curated by Sam Cikauskas
University of Colorado at Boulder